1. Have a picnic in the park or garden.

2. Make animal-shaped smoothie bowls with Evive cubes.

3. Play board games as a family (psst! Good libraries lend them for free).

4. Paint Easter eggs by reusing Evive wheels.

5. Grow seedlings to introduce children to gardening using Evive wheels.

6. Smoothie scientist workshop - make your own superhero blends with the wheels of your choice!

7. Organize a treasure hunt in the garden or house (idea: hide small notes, "good for an extra 30 minutes of bedtime," etc.).

8. Take a walk or bike ride in nature.

9. Cook GREEN Evive pancakes for breakfast, brunch, or even for DINNER?!


10. Have a family laughter session (put your head on the other person's stomach and so on).

11. Do family art therapy by creating mandalas or drawing.


12. Organize a family yoga session.

13. Have a puppet-making workshop with old torn clothing or lost socks.

14. Have a GLUE-making workshop (Thanks, Perfect Mom, for the idea!).


15. Have a jewelry-making workshop (colored beads and blocks with letters are apparently very cool!).

16. Organize a family movie night (a good classic never goes out of style - everyone chooses their movie! Draw lots if needed ;)).

17. Have a family pajama day with activities at home.

18. Take a homemade cooking class as a family with fresh and healthy ingredients (introduction to cooking).

19. Organize a family sports tournament (e.g., a mini-bootcamp with teams for friendly competition).

20. Organize an animal census tournament in nature - go on a family outing to observe birds and other animals, the team that photographs or notes the most animals seen on their journey wins (or plants!).

21. Have a book or story creation workshop, then plan an open-mic evening at the end of the day (to avoid a second movie night) to read our creations.

22. Take a simple walk outside and be guided by the moment's desires (first ice cream of the season, hot chocolate at the corner café, etc.).

23. Play "In my smoothie, I put..." (inspired by the game "In my suitcase").

24. Take a bike or rollerblade ride on a bike path or in a park.

25. Create a chalk mural on the sidewalk in front of the house (or on an old sheet with watercolor paint or felt-tip pens inside if the weather doesn't permit).

26. Make a windmill with paper, wooden sticks, and glue.


27. Create an obstacle course in the garden or living room.

28. Build a fort with cushions and blankets.

29. Organize a crafting or writing workshop for someone in the environment whom you want to show appreciation (friends, sisters, brothers, parents).

30. Have a spa day at home by making masks or other treatments and take a bubble bath!

31. Make homemade pizzas as a family with fresh vegetables.

32. Have a "give back" day by sorting toys and clothes to donate to charities during spring cleaning (a fun way to do some cleaning...).

33. Buy a frisbee or a new inexpensive toy and go play in the park.

34. Organize a cooking competition in the style of Les Chefs or Un souper presque parfait.

35. Activity: To Each Their Own Muffin - No Fighting in My Cabin! Make a base muffin and let the kids add their own cube of Evive flavor to their muffin.


36. Organize a family talent show with songs, dances, and sketches.

37. Make paper airplanes (from reused paper) and fly them in the garden. May the best person win...a break from doing the dishes?

38. Make a bowling game with used plastic bottles and a crumpled paper ball.

39. Organize a game of hide-and-seek inside or outside the house.

40. Recreate a day at the Ceramic Café, but at home. Use either old mugs or buy second-hand ones at a thrift store for a low price.

41. Prepare fun snacks for long weekend trips. Toothpicks can be a great ally in creating characters and more!

42. Build a spring outdoor installation or clubhouse to brighten up the backyard.

43. Organize a family barbecue and eat outside (with coats on)!

44. Pick wildflowers and put them in a beautiful vase to brighten up the house.

45. Make lanterns with glass jars and string lights (Evive mason jars can be a good template...).

46. Dry the picked flowers to use in decorating workshops.

47. Prepare healthy and colorful VEGAN CANDIES.


48. Discover museums or unknown sites in your area.

49. Make dream catchers using branches, fake feathers, and other items that inspire you!

50. Go camping in the garden (or inside) by setting up a tent and cooking on a "campfire" (e.g., using a raclette).

I hope you enjoyed this list of creative activities for the Easter weekend with family (our colleague is also doing very well, thank you for asking hihi). We wanted to remind you that the most important thing is to spend time together and have fun, no matter what activity you choose. These precious moments deserve to be savored and appreciated for what they are worth. So let your creativity run wild and enjoy every moment with your loved ones, because there is nothing more important than taking a little break to share these moments of happiness together.