Bam Chili

✓ 72% Organic Ingredients

✓ Source of Vitamin A, B6, C, E, K

✓ Star Superfood: Pumpkin seeds

nutrition facts

A smoothie as flavorful as it is nutritious

✓ No Added Sugar
✓ With Superfoods
✓ Gluten Free
✓ With Plant-Based Protein
✓ 100% Natural ingredients


Black beans*, Filtered water, Quinoa, Corn kernels, Onion*, Tomato puree*, Tomato paste*, Avocado (avocado, salt, ascorbic acid, citric acid), Carrot*, Green beans, Red bell pepper, Pumpkin seeds*, Lime juice*, Sundried tomatoes (tomatoes*, salt), Olive oil*, Green onion, Jalapeno peppers, Garlic, Sea salt, Cacao powder*, Spices (cumin*, chipotle pepper*), Oregano*, Lime zest, Tamarind.

*Organic ingredients | May contain trace of nuts, peanuts, soy, mustard, sesame

What's in it for you?

The best selection of ingredients

A good smoothie is more than just strawberries and bananas. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to be nutritious, with over 15 wholesome and complete ingredients inside.

How it's made

We use a large blender to mix everything, including whole fruits and vegetables, just like you would at home!

Frozen is the new Fresh

Our blend is then poured into our Evive cups, and instantly frozen to preserve its freshness and maximize nutrients.

What they have to say


I stumbled upon these smoothies, and I'm thrilled I did! They've become a household staple. Whether it's smoothie bowls for breakfast or snack smoothies, we loved every flavor we try.

- Ashleigh Abbott


Evive tastes absolutely delicious, and I wouldn't guess it's packed with healthy ingredients.🥭🍒 As a new mom, finding time for a meal is hard, this is a game-changer.

- Kelly Pettit


The buzz is real! These smoothies are great! Honestly, I had low expectations from an Instagram ad, but they are SO good! I hate breakfast and the post-smoothie cleanup, but Evive's blender-less smoothies are perfect to get me going every day.

- Vicky Harrison


Love these cubes! I was making a daily smoothie but didn't have room for various fruits and veggies. Evive to the rescue! Love the convenience and taste. So happy to have given these a try.

- Jen

How it Works?

A smoothie prep that’s quick & easy

Pop 8 Evive cubes with 1 cup of Water &

More than your average smoothie

More than 10 nutritious ingredients in every flavor, including fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and plant-based proteins.

Vegan, for us & our planet

Proudly Canadian

Delicious flavours and creamy texture

Great source of vitamins and minerals

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Megan B.

Un repas goûteux et parfait pour les soirées pressées.

Génial Megan! Ça nous fait plaisir de savoir que Bam Chili te facilite la vie dans tes soirées pressées!

Sherry B.
Flavourful town!

Never expected the perfect blend

We appreciate that you took the time to write a comment, thank you Sherry!

Jennifer R.

Sooo yummy!

Wow, thank you so much Jennifer!
It fills our hearts to know that you are more than satisfied with Bam Chili. Have a beautiful day!

Joanna H.
More beans plsssss

The chilli was ok! I definitely thought it needed more beans -mine was quite sparse, but definitely made for a good meal with rice! I would be keen to see a couple more veggies and beans in it!

Hi there!
Thank you for your feedback, it helps us improve our products and services!

Melissa B.
Quick and easy, a little

Quick and easy, a little spice too!

Hey Melissa! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback! We always take notes and appreciate our clients’ comments.

Answers to all your questions

A superfood is a food that is particularly rich in nutrients. At Evive, our recipes are carefully crafted to simplify your daily life by incorporating superfoods into each of our recipes.

All our smoothies are designed to be delicious with water, but for a richer and creamier texture, we love oat milk!

For a breakfast, combine 8 cubes with 240 ml of liquid, and for a snack, use 4 cubes with 120 ml of liquid.

Visit the SHOP section and select your products to receive a frozen box delivered to your home, or explore our FIND IN STORES section to discover the nearest retail location.

Our packages are packed with enough dry ice to remain frozen until you can unpack and store your items in your freezer. You don't need to be home.

*Organic ingredients | Stevia accounts for less than 0.01% of the total recipe | May contain traces of soy or nuts | KEEP FROZEN. ONCE THAWED, CONSUME. DO NOT REFREEZE.