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Bam Chili

There aren’t too many things that can compete with deliciously home-cooked chilli. Enveloping all the traditional ingredients from Mexico, the Bam Chili is loaded with a mash of tasty vegetables, whole corn, quinoa, and jalapeños. Easily enjoy this healthy lunch by simply warming it up on its own or on top of more cooked quinoa. We managed to pack a good level of heat into this plant-based delight, still, the sweet corn balances it all out perfectly. Ready, set, vamanos!

Certified Organic
Recommended Liquids

Quinoa, tortilla wrap


Black beans*, Tomato puree, Quinoa*, Yellow corn, Onion*, Avocado, Carrot*, Green beans, Tomato paste*, Red bell pepper, Filtered water, Pumpkin seeds*, Lime juice, Sundried tomatoes*, Extra virgin olive oil*, Green onion, Jalapeno pepper, Garlic, Sea salt, Cocoa*, Cumin*, Oregano*, Lime, Chipotle pepper*, Tamarind.

*Organic ingredients | May contain trace of nuts, peanuts, soy, mustard, sesame

Certified Organic
Nutritional Facts


1-2 servings of vegetables
72% Organic Ingredients
Source of Vitamin A, B6, C, E, K
Star Superfood: Pumpkin seeds
8g Plant-Based Protein
Good Source of Potassium & Iron

Serve with a tortilla wrap & top with avocado slices