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What are the advantages?

Receive a minimum of 10$ in cash every time your code is redeemed during checkout! 

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Terms and conditions

How does it work?

Complete the registration form and you will receive your personal promotional code directly in your inbox with all the information on how to get started!

Share your code and any Evive content you create via all your lovely social channels or directly to your loved ones by word of mouth! 

Your code offers 30% off to your loved ones when they place their first order online.

For each friend who completes an order on our site, you will in turn receive a minimum of $10 in commission in your name.

The total of commissions accumulated will be visible in your Ambassador dashboard so you can check up on your hard work!

Evive Nutrition reserves the right to terminate your partnership.

You must be 13 years of age or older to participate in the Ambassador program.

How much does it pay?

A commission of at least $10, payable in the form of a fund transfer, for each time your code is used during checkout. 

Refunded or canceled subscriptions are not eligible for commissions.

**The Evive Ambassadors program is only available for web referencing. Any purchase made at a grocery store does not count.

How to signup?

Complete the registration form and wait for an email response.

Your application will be analyzed and you will receive an email response within 3 hours of registering for the program.

All of our current customers are eligible to become an Evive Ambassador.

You must already have an online account and an active Evive box subscription to be able to receive your rewards.

Your mission

Being an ambassador for a brand you love is easy! Share photos or videos of your Evive smoothies on your social networking channels and invite your community and friends to try them out using your unique promo code!

Don't forget to also use your promo code with like the buzzwords #evive, #evivesmoothie, #smoothiecubes, #morefromlife, and tag @evivenutrition on Instagram!