Coconut bowl

✓ Made of bamboo

✓ BPA-free


Indulge in the Boho chic style with the exquisite Coconut Bowl - the perfect blend of sustainability and artistry. Each Coconut Bowl is handcrafted from 100% natural coconuts, making every piece a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to your kitchen and lifestyle. Not only are these bowls perfect for serving smoothie bowl, but they also align with your eco-friendly values.

Usage and Care Made Simple for Your Sustainable Coconut Bowl

For optimal usage, we recommend avoiding hot foods in your Coconut Bowl. When it comes to cleaning, a gentle hand wash with cool water is all it takes. Our bowls are not dishwasher safe, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last for years. Simply wash them using warm, soapy water - just like you would a regular bowl. Enjoy the beauty and sustainability of your Coconut Bowl for years to come!

  • Materials: Bamboo, wood
  • Dimensions: 500ml (13-14 cm diameter). Each coco bowl is unique and natural, so size and shape may vary slightly.
  • BPA & plastic free