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Looking for a boost of energy that doesn’t leave you with caffeine jitters? Look no further. Our Energy smoothie is an effective and healthy source of vitality. Get an instant flow of energy thanks to MCT oil which gets quickly absorbed by your body and instantly turned into fuel. This smoothie will help you power through one of your best workouts while you reduce inflammation and gain hydration. The taste of delicious raspberries and blackberries and its silky texture is what makes this energizing smoothie truly irresistible.

No Added Sugar
Recommended Liquids

Water, Soy milk


Ingredients : Raspberry, Banana*, Mango*, Blackberry, Beet*, MCT Coconut Oil*, Filtered water, Goji berry*, Dragonfruit powder, Lime juice*, Mint, Ginseng*, Moringa*

*Organic ingredients"

No Added Sugar
Nutritional Facts


3-4 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
Reduce Inflammation & Gain Hydration
Good Source of Vitamin C, B6
Star Superfood: MCT Coconut Oil
Adaptogen: Panax Ginseng
Good Source of Fiber

A smoothie prep that's quick and easy

1Pop ‘em

Run the wheel under water for a few seconds and pop the cubes in a mason jar or bottle.

2Cover ‘em

Add your liquid of choice. We recommend plant-based milk or water.

3Shake ‘em

Get on with your morning routine and shake once the cubes have melted. Enjoy!